Nutri­tional Ther­apy aims to bring a sense of bal­ance back to the body in order to enable opti­mal func­tion. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but rather is tai­lored to suit indi­vid­ual needs offer­ing a holis­tic view­point recog­nis­ing how each one of us may have dif­fer­ent under­ly­ing fac­tors feed­ing into our main health concerns.

Guided by the prin­ci­ples of Func­tional Med­i­cine, nutri­tional ther­apy recog­nises the sig­nif­i­cance of the ‘test, don’t guess’ prin­ci­ple and offers an array of valu­able diag­nos­tic lab­o­ra­tory tests that may not be offered by tra­di­tional prac­tises. These tests can be use­ful in reveal­ing under­ly­ing issues that may be feed­ing into a pat­tern of ill-health, and a pow­er­ful way to effect mean­ing­ful change.

Nutri­tional Ther­apy uses foods and nutri­ents in order to address defi­cien­cies and blocked path­ways to good health. There is an empha­sis on foods rather than rely­ing on sup­ple­ments, but in cer­tain cases, short courses of spe­cific sup­ple­ments may be war­ranted to boost results.

Nutri­tional Ther­apy makes no claim to cure dis­ease, but rather elim­i­nates neg­a­tive health pat­terns that can hin­der opti­mal health.